The oldest creation story in the bible is found in the book of Job.  God asks Job, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.” In this beautiful verse from the oldest book in the Bible, we discover, from the beginning, the world around us is constantly in song.  But that’s not the whole story: there is also a call to respond to this music with shouts! Suddenly, the framework is set. Here in this ancient, sacred text, the stars sang the first concert and the angels shouted for joy in response.  

I believe this is why, when we listen to music and when we play music, we transcend whatever we are experiencing.  We take part in that infinite song and response. We are musical creations. 


Seth Ward
Director of Worship & Artist in Residence, Central Presbyterian Church

Chamber Music

Chamber Music is music for a small ensemble of instruments, one person to a part, performed in an intimate setting.  As a passionate advocate for Chamber Music, I believe that the beauty and essence of Chamber Music is the way each person’s participation and commitment matters equally – like musical democracy.  Each part (person) is important and everyone is a leader.

This dynamic is partly the product of generous performance; it’s equally a feature of composition itself. Chamber Music is carefully constructed.  Each player involved experiences the interplay, support, and expression of refined musical ideas, just as each player contributes to them, in turn.

The setting and our audience, together, provide the necessary third part in this unique musical alchemy.  At Central Chamber Series, we explore masterworks written by some of the greatest composers of all time: from Bach, Haydn, and Brahms to Ives, Bernstein, and all the way up to living composers of this generation. All these composers played pivotal roles in bringing Chamber Music repertoire to new heights in their own eras.

Our aim is to bring Chamber Music to life across time by connecting with you in a shared and extraordinary experience, in Central’s strikingly beautiful space. I hope you join us in our journey to share some of the most vital and significant works of music ever written!

Jia Kim
Artistic Director, Central Chamber Series


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